How to find Cheap Flights | How I Travel for Cheap

There are several ways to find cheap flights when you want to travel. I refuse to pay tons of money for flights, if i’m not getting a good deal, I’m not going. Here are just a few things I do to save on traveling! (If you would like to find cheap hotels, or rental cars,  you can scroll down to find it) [Read More]





9 ways to Save Money at National Parks

We always see things that tell us to visit national parks, to go visit the beauty. Well no one ever tells you how to SAVE MONEY WHILE YOU’RE THERE! Here are 9 things you can do before visiting that could save you lots of money! [Read More]




Summer bucket list | The Ultimate Guide 


Summer is the best time of the year! When it’s sunny and you can go do things you can’t do year round! I decided to make a summer bucket list! A list of things myself, and everyone should be doing every summer! Let me know what you think! [Read More]



10 Things I learned on my Cruise 

I went on a cruise to Mexico a few weeks ago and thought I would share with you what I personally learned from the trip! I read lots of different articles and posts about cruises. However there were a few things I didn’t read/find that I would like to share with you. I can’t tell you how long I tried figuring out how tipping worked on the ship, or shore excursions, or how drink cards worked. Well, I finally figured it out and would like to share it with you so you know for your cruise! [Read More]





Benefits of Booking Your Shore Excursions with the Cruise

When I first booked my cruise I didn’t want to purchase shore excursions with the cruise. Mainly because I thought it would be cheaper to purchase it with the business itself instead of the 3rd party. However, I finally caved and we purchased 2 excursions with the cruise because it was convenient and they had all transportation set up for us. Once I actually got on the ship I learned there are a lot more benefits than I thought. This is why I now would highly recommend purchasing excursions with the cruise. [Read More]



Moab, Utah | Travelers Guide

Since I’m from Utah, I thought I’d write about one of my favorite places here! Moab is one of Utah’s most popular tourist attractions.

Now touring Utah is way different from most states. Everything in Utah is outdoors. [Read More]



The Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah


Hey everyone!

Just thought I would share with you an awesome weekend getaway! This place is fantastic for everyone! (Yes, even your teenagers will like it). Here you can relax, explore the outdoors and overlook the town all in the one place! [Read More]





Things to do in Vegas if you’re under 21

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I spent my weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada! They had super nice 85 degree weather, coming back to Utah was hard!

As some of you may know, I’m not 21. So what is there to do in Vegas? Las Vegas has LOTS of things you can check out if you’re under 21. They also have some family friendly activities, crazy right?  [Read More]



100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know it can be super expensive! If you’re looking to save money while you’re in Las Vegas, this is for you!

My hotel gave me this list of 100 free things to do in Las Vegas! I thought I would share it with you! [Read More]






Traveling Essentials: What to Bring & Things to do Before

I’m about to take off to Las Vegas, Nevada! I was thinking about all the things I need to do before I go (we are driving) and figured I would make a list and share it with you!

I have included a ‘What to Bring’ list and ‘Things to do before you take aTrip’ list! I’m hoping this will help you pack and get ready for your adventure! [Read More]



Fun Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is the home of the first Starbucks coffee, Pikes Place Market and my favorite aquarium! Here are some of the fun things I got to do while visiting Seattle.[Read More]



Things to do in Florida

I’ve been to Florida twice now, and had a BLAST! I love Florida and I can’t wait to go back. It is very humid and has the best sunshine.

I’ve been all over the state and thought I would share with you some fun things you can do in the cities I’ve visited! [Read More]




15 Fun and Unique Things To Do In UTAH


Heading to Utah soon? I’ve created 15 fun and unique things you can do while you’re here![Read More]





How to Stay Fit While On Vacation

Working out on vacation is HARD! You want to relax, but you also don’t want to lose the progress you’ve made.

I’ve included some tips on what you can do to stay fit on vacation! [Read More]