Rewarding Yourself When Achieving Fitness Goals

Reward Yourself!

Hey guys and gals,


When you’re starting a workout plan most people, including myself, create a reward system. When you hit certain fitness goals you reward yourself with things of your choosing. For me my rewards usually look a little something like this:

Weigh X amount: Shoes

Weigh X amount: New Pants

Weigh X amount: Workout Outfit

Weigh X amount: Headphones

Weigh X amount: Etc..


When I would reach my goal I would get something as a “good job” for myself. However, I am cheap and I never bought myself anything when reaching my goals.


Also I think it was easier to cheat because I think things like, “Well i’m still 10 pounds away from my next goal, it’s going to take me a while anyways. This won’t make a difference”.  And let me tell you, it DOES make a difference! You don’t want that mind-set!


  • Consistency is KEY

The longer I did this I started to realize how ineffective it was. The other day I was thinking about it and decided to try something different. Instead of getting a reward when I hit a certain weight, why don’t I get myself something small every week for staying consistent? Staying consistent is the hardest part!

Every week on Saturday i’m going to do something under $20 for myself. When I am consistent with doing things like, working out, drinking water, and getting my ‘To Do’ list done. I have found that this is more motivating because it gives you something to look forward to every week!

So far, it has kept me consistent with my eating and making sure I get enough water every day. When you are consistent the results will follow! Some of the small rewards include:


  • Shaker bottle
  • Sports Bra
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Deep Condition Hair
  • Movies with friend/boyfriend
  • Trip to City
  • Bowling
  • Etc..


Staying consistent, in my option, is the most important thing when trying to lose weight. If you aren’t consistent you aren’t going to see results!


Feel free to try this and tell me what you think! To me, it is more motivating and gives you something to look forward to! It has definitely helps me stay consistent. This is my first week trying it and I’ve already lost an extra 2 LBS!



How do you reward yourself when you achieve your fitness goals?

Thanks for reading!


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