What To Take To The Gym: Gym Bag Essentials

What to Take to the Gym: Gym Bag Essentials



As I start this blog about my fitness journey, I’m going to try to break it down to the basics. For example, what to take to the gym! This is what I personally take to the gym everyday. You might need/want to take more or less than I do. It’s all up to you! But here are some ideas on what to take if you are a first time gym goer!

  • Gloves

I definitely recommend getting gloves if you’re going to lift weights. For the longest time and I got calisis on my hands. My hands get tough because of not wearing gloves, so if you want to try to avoid that, get some gloves! I got mine at walmart for like $5. So they are super affordable. 

  • Deodorant

Please take deodorant with you! Sometimes I forget to put more deodorant on before I go to the gym. I like to keep an extra one in my bag just in case! I just got the little travel sized one and it does fine. Super convenient and they don’t take a lot of space in your bag. Don’t be that person that makes everyone else want to leave the gym because you smell bad! 

  • Water Bottle

You should always bring a water bottle with you to the gym, unless you want to make frequent stops to the water fountain. I always bring it with me when I do cardio, so I don’t have to get off the machine to get a drink. Then you can stay and finish your workout without interruptions. Staying hydrated is important while you’re working out. If you get dehydrated you won’t be able to finish your workout and you will feel like crap, so drink your water people! 

If you’re a music lover, like me, bring some headphones so you can jam out! My sister and I are always dancing around while doing cardio. It makes it easier to finish! I really like the skull candy headphones that I have. They are wireless and run off bluetooth so the wire doesn’t get in my way while working out. Also, if you like running outside, they keep your ears warm! If you want some good headphones, go check them out!

If you are using headphones that connect through bluetooth, bring an extra pair of regular headphones with you. Sometimes my phone has a hard time connecting with the headphones and I get frustrated and give up. Then I end up not listening to music at all! So to avoid that happening, bring an extra pair of headphones just in case. 

  • Energy Bar

I like to keep a protein bar on hand when I go to the gym. Some times I really push myself to the point where I feel like I’m going to pass out. If this happens I have carbs on hand that will give me the energy that I need to get up and keep going! I usually go to the gym with someone as well, then if they need it I have something with me. My favorite protein bar is the Gatorade bars. Yum! They taste way better than any of the other bars I’ve tried. They seriously take like a candy bar! Its amazing! P.S. – Chocolate Chip is the best flavor!

I do cardio everyday because I’m trying to burn fat and lose weight! I use this watch to help me while i’m doing cardio. It tells me what my heart rate is so I can stay in my heart rate zone. Staying in your target heart rate zone will help with fat lose! I have the polar watch and I’ve loved it so far! When I started tracking my heart rate I felt like I started losing weight like crazy! It pretty much fell off me! I always bring this with me because I do cardio 5 days a week, it is pretty affordable to if you’re looking for one! I believe I paid $40-$50 dollars for mine. 

  • Facial Wipes

When I go to the gym, I am way too lazy to wash my face before I go. Lets be honest, you probably don’t wash your face either. I used to workout with my makeup on but I noticed it was giving me acne. Now I bring some facial wipes in my gym bag so if I’m still wearing makeup I can take it off before I go workout. Then you can avoid future acne problems. And the makeup won’t clog your pores while you’re working out!

  • Hair Ties

I ALWAYS forget hair ties! Having hair in your face while working out is awful. It’s all sweaty and gross. Definitely keep some extra hair ties in your bag for the days you forget!

  • Body Spray 

I have recently started putting body spray in my bag. I feel like I smell SO BAD after doing 40 minutes of cardio! It’s nice being able to spray myself down! Then if I have to go to the store after I don’t feel bad for the people who walk past me!

  • Lady Products

If you’re a girl, its nice to always have lady products on hand if you or someone else ever needs them.

  • IPOD or Phone

If you want to listen to music while you workout, bring something that plays music! Duh! I use my phone, I usually play Spotify or slacker radio while working out! If you’re going to listen to the radio, listen to comedy! It seriously makes cardio so much better! I laugh my ass off the whole time!

  • Something to hold your phone or music player

I would bring an arm strap that will hold your phone. I have pants that have pockets in them, so I use that. But if you don’t have anything to hold it with, don’t put it in your bra and let it get all sweaty and gross. Buy some workout pants with pockets, or get one of those arm straps that hold your phone for you!

Lastly, you will need a gym bag to put all this stuff in! I got mine from Ross, it is Adidas brand and honestly, it isn’t my favorite. Get something that has structure to it! Mine just flops around and can’t hold it self up. It was really cheap, but the quality shows it. If I bought another one, I would spend more than $10 and get something that has structure to it.


I hope this helped you! Feel free to comment your thoughts or suggestions for upcoming blogs!


Bailie Butcher.

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