15 Fun and Unique Things To Do In UTAH

15 Things to do in UTAH:


Okay, most of us know that Utah is best known for the snow. Well with great snow comes great snowboarding and skiing places!  I’ve only been to Sundance Ski Resort, mainly because they are the cheapest – and I’m cheap. 🙂 Either way, you can usually find a good deal at Sundance.

My friend Hailey and I get our tickets at liftopia. We got night passes at Sundance for $20! Normally it is $40. You can only go on certain nights but for someone like me who is still learning the basics of snowboarding/skiing, it’s a good deal. So if you’re into the snow, go check it out. Here are some of the places you can go to in Northern Utah:

Diamond Fork Hot Springs:

Diamond Fork seems to be something only residents know about. I never would have found it if it wasn’t for a local resident sharing it with me. It’s an all natural hot springs in the mountain! It is in Spanish Fork Canyon, and you do have to “hike” to it. I’ve been there countless times and I wouldn’t consider it a ‘hike’. I think it is more of a nature walk. You are walking uphill, but it’s a very slow, gradual incline.

I will warn you, there are a few parts of the hike that freak me out, I believe there’s been a few mud slides, which has taken part of the trail out. So there are 1 or 2 spots of the hike that are right next to the cliff. Other than that lots of people go up there and drink and have a good time. Oh, and it is FREE! Which is obviously the best part. If you want directions you can get them here.

Downtown Ogden

Living in Utah my entire life, you would think I would make my way up north more often and see what they have to offer. I haven’t been to Ogden in years, so I went in 2016 with Devin and we had a blast! Their main street was my favorite part, they have lots of older looking shops you can go into; coffee shops, wise guys comedy, and bars. Also have the train station where you can go see all the old carts. They had lots of people taking all kinds of pictures there. It was a unique place, so we of course did what everyone else was doing and did a mini photo shoot of each other. Haha!

Then we made our way back to main street, grabbed some coffee and went exploring. Later that night we went to the comedy club and they had Adam Ray there! We had no idea who he was until after the show, but he does lots of things including podcast and acting. He was on the new ghost busters that just came out! Pretty cool! And he was HILARIOUS! I know there are comedy clubs everywhere, but if you are wandering around Ogden, go see something! It was the highlight of our trip.


St. George – Leeds

St. George has it all! From shopping to hiking! It’s warmer than the rest of Utah so the weather is usually pretty nice. They have lots of shopping outlets and malls you can go to. But if you like the outdoors, this is the place! They have this place called Leeds, it’s just outside of St. George and it has amazing hiking! This is definitely my favorite hike, they have different levels of intensity to choose from, but they have one’s where you need to grab a rope to swing yourself on the other side of a rock to continue on the hike. This is what it looks like:

Pretty fun! And the views are AMAZING! The red rock makes it look 100 x more beautiful than other hikes. And if you like to hike you will like this one, not to far away they have Zions National Park, they have a hike called Angels Landing. I was always told that this hike was super hard, although I thought it was pretty easy, so it really depend on who you talk to! It just has lots of turn-backs. This hike leads up to a super tall mountain that over looks the national park! But in order to get to the very top you have to climb rock, hold on to chains and don’t look down!

Going all the way to the top is optional, they do have a place you can stop at that has restrooms and most people eat their lunch. If you’re up for something daring and adventurous, go to the top! The view is worth it! And they have squirrels that will crawl on you and try to steal your food! Either way, St. George has lots of hiking, shopping, spas, etc. to help make it a great vacation spot!

The UP House

Rumors have it, that they had to paint over the UP house.. Because of the traffic it was bringing to the neighborhood. However, I haven’t personally seen anything saying they painted over it. So if you’re in the area, I would still go check! They have painted this house to look just like the one on the movie ‘UP’. When they first built the house they gave everyone tours and they had decorated the inside of the house exactly like the movie! Pictures and all! Now they have someone living there so you can’t go inside, but you can always drive by!


See the city at the Y

If you want to go on a drive and talk, this is a good place to go! You can drive up to the BYU’s ‘Y’ they have on the mountain and you can overlook the city. Great place if you want to just hangout with someone in your car. Or you could even go hike the ‘Y’ to get a better view!

Squaw Peak

Squaw peak is a longer drive, but similar to the ‘Y’. This one you have to go down Provo canyon and drive up the mountain to get to the overlook point. It is much higher than the ‘Y’ so you can see more of the city. If you want a longer drive and a better view, you can get directions here.

Park City

Park city is known for the snow. They get LOTS of snow because they are in the mountains. Again, if you like snowboarding or skiing, this is a good place to go! I have heard they are more expensive – actually all of park city is expensive. They do however, have an outlet mall if you’re looking for cheap shopping. In park city we usually go to the old main street, they usually have something going on every weekend.

This is also where they do the Sundance Film Festival. So sometimes I’ve heard you can go movie star hunting and find them during the festival. You can also take ski lifts over the city which sounds pretty fun!

Ice Castles

The Ice Castles are incredible. I believe they are open January-March depending on how cold it is outside. They get sprinklers and make these ‘ice castles’ and they put lights in them and make them change color! Its super cool and unique! You can walk through them and they usually have a slide they make out of ice, so slide if you want!

I believe they are a little more than what I wanted to pay last year, but it’s something you don’t always see and they change it up a little bit every year. This is located in Midway, which is down Provo canyon. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets before you go! Because it is only available a few months out of the year, it is hard to get tickets the same day. So make sure you plan in advance!


Sand Hallow

This is a man-made reservoir, it is surround by red rocks and super blue water. It’s one of the most gorgeous places in Utah. Here you can go cliff jumping, rent jet ski’s, boats, and ATV’s! They have a sand dunes here as well, so you can either bring ATV’s or rent them and go! I like to camp here, you can camp right next to the water. If you want to camp, but still have fun activities around you, Sand Hollow is the place to go! It’s one of my favorite weekend getaway spots!


This is another famous National park in Utah. Here you can do things like horseback riding, climbing, and hiking. I only go here to hike. They have lots of different hikes with different difficulty levels. My favorite hike was Angels Landing. Angels Landing is one of the hard hikes, but the view is worth it. They have some steep parts so they have chains you’ll need to hold on to. When I made it to the top we had lunch, and there are squirrels EVERYWHERE! Yes, they will try to steal your food. They were literally crawling on top of us! Super cute if you like animals.

Another one that is fun for kids is the Weeping Rock trail. This is an easy trail. This one has water dripping down from a rock, so kids like to play in the water. If you want to know other popular trails you can check them out here. I have only done a few hikes in Zions, so this site can tell you more about other hikes!

Mystic Hot Springs

This place is super cool if you’re close to Monroe, UT. This is a super small town with a natural hot springs 😀 The hot springs starts at the top of the hill, and as it makes it way down it cools off enough to be able to get in the water. They put these HUGE tubs by rocks and over the years the rocks have slowly started covering the tubs. These tubs get filled by the water as it flows down the rock.

Super unique and cool! This is up the hill a little ways. At the bottom of the hill they have ‘pools’ that you can swim in. These aren’t as warm because they are at the bottom of the hill, but they are still fun to play in! It is $15 a person to get in, but they are opened 24/7 so you can stay there all night and watch the sun rise!


As you see on Utah license plates, Arches is one of the best known national parks here in Utah. They have lots of hikes you can do, including the famous “delicate arch.” Arches National park has scenic driving and lots of places to take great pictures! I found this ‘Must-Do Guide‘ for the arches, you can check it out here if you want ideas on good hikes! Last time I went we did all the hikes in 1 day. So get up early and start hiking!


Fiesta days

This is a festival that Spanish Fork, Utah does in July each year. They have things like:

  • Rodeos
  • Car shows
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Activities in the park
  • Parade
  • Baby Contests
  • etc..

My favorite part of this is the sidewalk sales and the rodeo. If you want to check out the rodeo you definitely need to get tickets in advance. They are ALWAYS sold out in June. So you’ll need to plan for this one. You can get tickets here if you are interested. Even if you go just to walk around, you’ll have a good time looking at all the shops and cars.

Color Festival

Every March the Radha Krishna Temple holds the color festival! It’s a cheap festival that everyone goes to! You have to pay an entry fee, and for the chalk. The entry fee is usually $5.25, then you can buy a 5 pack of chalk for $12.50. They have people from their temple playing music and everyone is jumping around and throwing chalk at each other. When you’re at this festival they always tell you to become friends with a stranger, so you’ll be getting random hugs. Because of the nature of this festival, you will get VERY dirty. So here are some items to bring:

  • Clothes you don’t care about – Sometimes the chalk will stain it.
  • Glasses – So you don’t get chalk in your eyes
  • Bandanna – So you can cover your mouth
  • Extra money for Parking – It is usually $5 to park closer to the temple, if you don’t pay for parking you will be walking down Spanish fork Main street for a while. It gets pretty packed.

Feel free to check out the video we made at the 2016 color festival! You can watch it here.

Thanks for reading!


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