Picking the Ideal Gym Partner


Hey Guys! I just wanted to give you some tips on finding the best gym partner! I’ve had good and bad gym partners, and I want to share with you what I’ve learned from these experiences! I hope this helps you! Feel free to leave feedback at the bottom of the post. I want to know what you look for in a gym partner, and what tips you have for me!


  • Someone who is consistent:

I must have a gym partner that is consistent. It drives me crazy if they aren’t. Being consistent is key when getting a gym partner. You don’t want someone to always be bailing on you or making up excuses for why they can’t go to the gym. Get someone who makes it a priority to be at the gym.


  • Same Gym Membership

You’re going to need a partner that goes to the same gym as you. That way you aren’t fighting over which gym to go to each day. You can go to the same one, everyday. This makes it easier and cheaper for everyone.


  • Lives Close

Get someone who lives close to you and the gym. If you get a gym partner that lives further away they will probably get tired of driving so far just to workout, then they become inconsistent. So get someone who is close by! You could even car pool!


  • On Time

SOMEONE WHO IS ON TIME! It sucks when you plan on meeting at 3pm and they don’t show up until 3:40. Then you just wasted your time waiting around for them, when you could have been almost done working out! So make sure you are both always on time.


  • Similar Goals

It will be easier if you go with someone who has similar goals as you. Either you both want to bulk, or you both want to lose weight. These makes it easier when you’re working out. If you’re both losing weight, you will both be doing cardio. Where if one is bulking, and the other wants to lose weight, one will need to do cardio at the end. Cardio is no fun if you’re alone!

  • Can go at same time as you

Go with someone who is always available at the same time as you. Have a set time that you go each day. This way you don’t have to try to figure out a time each day that you’re going. This makes it simpler and you will get a habit of going at this time.


  • Positive and Motivating

Someone positive is nice to have in a gym partner. I hate working out with people who complain about EVERYTHING! It gets annoying and old real fast. Someone who is positive creates a good environment to be in. You’ll enjoy being with them more.

“If you cannot be positive, then at least, be quiet!”

  • Pushes you to your limits

Someone who pushes you when you’re ready to give up. Someone who makes you do the last set, someone who makes you do more weight. This is who you want. You won’t improve if you don’t push yourself, so get someone who will keep you accountable.


  • Same Fitness Level as you

Getting someone on the same fitness level is something I’ve recently discovered. I have personally had someone come with me that didn’t go before. She felt like she was supposed to do the same weights as me, and be as ‘skinny’ as me. I was always reminding her that I use to be in the same position and that I’ve been working on myself for months! She was comparing herself to me. This created her to be more negative at the gym. So get someone who is on the same fitness level. If you’re new to working out, go with someone else that is newer. If you have been going for a while, get someone who has experience.


  • Someone you Enjoy talking to

I do 40 minutes of cardio every time I go to the gym! So get someone you enjoy talking to! I love being able to talk about things that are going on while doing cardio. It makes the time past faster. If you don’t enjoy talking to them, you’ll be annoyed the entire time. So bring someone you like, and can have good conversations with!


I hope this helps you guys when deciding who to workout with! These are some things I  look for before working out with someone. I hope these help you guys!

I want to know what you look for in a gym partner! Comment below and let me know!


Bailie Butcher


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