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I’ve been to Florida twice now, and had a BLAST! I love Florida and I can’t wait to go back. It is very humid and has the best sunshine. I’ve been all over the state and thought I would share with you some fun things you can do in the cities I’ve visited!

First, when planning our trip to Florida we got plane tickets for $200 round trip with Delta Airlines. I watched the tickets for a while before I saw them drop to this price. I personally like to use Google Flights, you can put in the dates you want, and if you’re flexible it will tell you the cheapest days to go.

Kissimmee, Florida


The second time I went to Florida we stayed in Kissimmee, Florida. I loved the location because it is in the middle of the state. It wasn’t far to drive to Orlando, FL or Disney World.

**Tip : They have gift shops ALL OVER Kissimmee and cities near Disney World where you can buy Disney Souvenirs and they are WAY cheaper than purchasing them inside the park **


1. Boardwalk Through the Swamp:

Kissimmee has a board walk right off the main street, it has a great view and it is relaxing to walk down. You can walk down this board walk and you may see alligators! It is shaded with trees so it’s nice on a hot day! This was one of my favorite things to do because it is so unique. Not everywhere has a swamp with a boardwalk!

2. Kayaking

I went Kayaking at Shingles Creek! It is in the same parking lot as the board walk. Next to the swamp is a river you can go kayaking down. You can rent the Kayaks and it has the best view! However, there is alligators in it, which is super freaky. I didn’t know alligators made sounds until I went kayaking on the river. They have the most awful sound ever! So beware!

3. Miniature Golfing

This was something Devin and I did almost every day! We LOVED miniature golfing in Florida. It was super nice outside and super fun. They had lots of different themes like pirate island, volcanoes, jungle, alligator land, lots of different choices! We did them all!

4. Helicopter Rides

I had never been in a helicopter, but I always thought it looked fun! Well they had HELICOPTER RIDES! I was so excited when I saw this because it was only $15!!! They only took you for about 5 minutes, but I wanted to see what it felt like! So we did it, it was totally worth it. If you have wanted to try it, this is a good deal. You can go on longer rides and pay the difference if you would like.



Orlando, Florida


1. Gatorland: This would be a fun place to take kids if you have them! They let you feed the alligators hotdogs, but you have to make sure the birds don’t swoop down and grab it. They also have shows where they wrestle the alligators, and after the show you can go sit on them and get a picture. Overall, it’s a fun place to check out if you aren’t used to seeing alligators.

**It was more expensive than I wanted to pay, make sure you check out prices**

2. Daytona Beach: This was the first beach we went to on our trip, they have a boardwalk street with shops you can go to. On the beach you can rent these adult tricycles that were super fun to ride! We rented them for 1 hour and we had a great time. It makes it easier to go down the beach and see everything that is going on. They have this beach in a few movies, so you can see where they filmed it!


Miami, Florida


1. Parasailing: This is a great way to see Miami! You can see the city from the sky and it is beautiful. I have wanted to do this for a while before going to Florida, so I decided there was no better place to do it! We sailed with South Beach Parasail. Super fun experience, I kind of got sick from rocking when you first get in the air but other than that it was fantastic.

2. Beach: This was my favorite beach in Florida. The beach was super clean and they had a beach walk that was beautiful. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was trying to park. It was SO hard to find a parking spot! So once you find a parking spot, don’t leave until you’re completely done in Miami. If you want to go see the city, they have bikes you can rent. It felt like it was way faster to get around on bike too. So check it out!

Key West:

  1. Beach for the View: When you look at the map it doesn’t look like key west is that long. We went to the very end and it took almost 3 hours! So make sure you have time for the drive! Devin and I got there just in time for the sunset and it was totally worth it! We took some great pictures and we drove back the same night. It was tough because of how long the drive is. So plan accordingly!


So far Florida is my favorite place to visit! I hope this helps you when planning your trip! Let me know what you like doing in Florida, I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading,

Bailie Butcher



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