Fun Things to Do in Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington is the home of the first Starbucks coffee, Pikes Place Market and my favorite aquarium! Here are some of the fun things I got to do while visiting Seattle.


**Note** I was only there for 2 days. I didn’t get to do everything while I was there. I’m sure they have lots more to offer!


Fun Things to Do in Seattle:


  1. Pikes Place Market

This was definitely my one of my favorite things to do while I was in Seattle. I LOVED walking around and looking at all the unique shops they had. They had lots of flower stands, fresh fruit, fish, and paintings you could purchase. (The fresh fruit is fantastic.)


  1. Gum Wall

The Famous Gum wall is in Post Alley under Pikes Place Market. So make sure you check out both! The gum wall is an alley where they put chewed gum on the brick walls. It’s a popular place to take pictures. So make sure you get some pictures!


  1. Seattle Aquarium

This is my favorite aquarium! It was much different from other aquariums I’ve been to. I loved that it was right next to the ocean. They used the ocean to their advantage by incorporating the tide into the scenery. This is a MUST see!


  1. First Starbucks

If you love Starbucks, you can go checkout the first Starbucks! It’s across the street from Pikes Place Market. You can grab your coffee, and go walk around and see all the cool shops! I went in the coffee shop, but didn’t order anything because IT IS CROWDED. So expect to wait in line if you go. 


  1. Space Needle

The Space Needle is a must see attraction! It’s a view of Seattle and it’s beautiful! When you get a pass, it’s good all day. You have to see the view in the day light and at night to get the full experience. So plan on going twice! At the top they have food, Starbucks and little snacks you can purchase. Usually they are pricey, so bring your own snacks if you don’t want to spend the money!


  1. Pacific Science Center

This is a great place if you love science, or have kids! However, I’m personally not a huge fan of science and I don’t have kids, but I definitely think it could be a really great experience for people who have an interest. It’s also very kid friendly with lots of activities for them to do!


If you want to get a good deal on attractions while you’re in Seattle, you can get a city pass-book. You purchase this book for $79(adult) and you can get into 5 different attractions. Including the aquarium. This is what the city pass comes with:



I wasn’t able to do the Harbor tour because of the time crunch we were in. It looked really fun! If you’ve done it, tell me how it was in the comments! As you can see, getting the city pass is a WAY BETTER DEAL than purchasing these all together! 

What I Didn’t Like about Seattle:


  1. Parking

The only thing I didn’t like about Seattle was paying for parking. I was only there for 2 days and I probably paid over $150 in parking. Which for me is ridiculous! Here in Utah we don’t have to pay for parking unless we are in downtown SLC. And in Salt lake it’s only a few dollars. In Seattle it was usually around $10-$20 each time you park. If I went back, I would probably take a cab and/or rent a bike to get me around town.


  1. Hotel

When I was in Seattle I got a cheap hotel. The hotel we stayed in was the Inn and Queen Anne. The hotel has 2 buildings. The building that has the check in office, was perfectly fine. We went in and got the keys for our room and, of course, our room was in the other building. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. But when we walked in the building it smelt awful.


We finally get to our room and it has a physical key lock on the door. It doesn’t have the modern key swipe like most hotels. Once we got in our room, the door wouldn’t close. It look us forever to get the door closed! We finally get settled in, I look out the window and it was a dark alley. It was full of trash, and homeless people. I felt very scared and uncomfortable staying there. It was too late to change our reservations. We spent 1 night there, then switched to a nice hotel for the last day. If you want to stay downtown, don’t go cheap like I did. Spend the extra money.


**Tip** Get a hotel that has parking. Most of them do not.


If you have the chance, it’s a cool place to go see. It’s very unique and has lots of different things to offer! Go check it out!


I would love to hear about your experience in Seattle, and what you did/didn’t like about it! Comment below and let me know!


Thanks for reading!
Bailie Butcher

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