How to SAVE Money on Things You’re Already Paying For

Everyone wants to save money, but most of us don’t know where to start! There are smarter ways to save money. For instance, why not save money on things you’re already paying for? Or save money on bills that you’ll always have like electric? These are some things I do to help save money each month!


Ways to save on things you’re already paying for:


  • Switch Car Insurances

The older you get the lower your premium becomes. Each year after your birthday, you can call your insurance company and ask for a quote. Usually it will be a little cheaper because you’re now a year older. Most people don’t know this, so they pay the same premium for years! Give them a call and see what they say!

You can also call other insurances and get quotes! It doesn’t take that long and if it will save you money EVERY MONTH why not try?!


  1. Switch Phone Plans

This one is huge. We spend SO MUCH on our phones each month. All carriers are competing for your business, why not let them? Most will buy out contracts just for switching to their service! Then you don’t have to pay to cancel and you will be saving money each month!

Another way to save money with your phone plan is to get unlimited everything. This way you will avoid paying overage fees. When you go over on data, it’s super expensive. Getting unlimited will prevent this.


  1. Switch to Solar 

This one may not apply to everyone because you need to own a house. If you own your house you can look into getting solar! It’s booming right now! You would purchase these solar panels and you would have a monthly fee. (Usually about the same as you pay in electric each month) HOWEVER, one day you will pay these off! And you’ll never have to pay for electric!

Also, having solar makes the value of your house go up! Which will give you some of the money back if you decide to you sell your home! If you don’t know where to get solar, I recommend Affiliated Solar.  I know people who have used them, and they were highly satisfied. If you are interested you can go to my Contact Me page and I can refer you to them! 


  1. Switch Light Bulbs to LED’s

Even if you don’t own your home, you can still save money on electric by simply switching your light bulbs to LED’s! LED’s are a little more expensive, but you’ll get that money back by saving on your bill each month!


  1. Get rid of cable, get Netflix or Hulu

Netflix and Hulu are cheap TV. I personally think Netflix has more movies on it and Hulu has more T.V. shows. You can pick which one better fits what you like! Both of them have free trials, so you can test them out. This is a great and easy way to save money each month. Cable can get expensive!

Now, I know some of you can’t live without cable because they don’t offer shows anywhere else. So I would call around and see if you can find a better deal on it! If you have DirecTV or Dish, you can call 801-676-4094 and get a quote. If they ask for a referral code you can give them 12765. They saved a friend of mine over $40 a month!


  1. Search for a cheaper internet company

We all want to stay connected to the internet. The internet companies are competing for your business. Call around and see if you can get a better pricing than what you’re currently paying. This will save you money monthly.



  1. Get Ibotta 

This is a free coupon app you can download on your phone. Before you go grocery shopping you can redeem the coupons. Sometimes to get the coupon they have you watch a 15 second video. After this step you go shopping. To verify your purchase they will have you scan the bar code on the product, after you’ve scanned all the products you take a picture of your receipt and they will put money in your account!

When cashing out your money you need to have over $20 saved. You can have them PayPal the money to you or Venmo it. You can also get gift cards if you would like. You can get a free $10 by going through this link!

Use Referral Code: bsinxwi


  • Buy Food In BULK

If you have a big family I would recommend buying things in bulk. You can get a Sam’s club or Costco membership card and get bulk for way cheap. I personally like Sam’s club better. I think they have better pricing. However; if you like organic foods, Costco is the place to go. They have a huge selection in organic foods.

A membership card for Sam’s club is $45 a year. **Tip** Ibotta has a coupon right now that will give you $10 back when you get a Sams club card. If you have a big family you will save over $45 a year. So it is definitely worth it.


  • Transfer Credit Card balances

Credit cards have super high interest rates. If you have a credit card with a high interest rate that you are trying to pay down, its hard when most of your payments are mostly paying for interest. Something you could do to save money would be to transfer the money to a new credit card with 0% interest for a certain about of months.

When switching to a card that doesn’t have interest, the full amount you pay each month will go to principle. Saving you TONS of $$. Also, I would try to find a card that does rewards as well! I currently have the Chase Unlimited card and I love it. It has 18 months with no interest and they give you $150 cash back when you put $500 on your card in 3 months. Now you can put that free $150 towards your bill!



  • Groupon

Groupon is a free website that offers cheaper pricing. If you are going out for the night you can check Groupon and see if they have a better deal. If they are cheaper, you would purchase it on Groupon and show the code when you go redeem it. Super easy, great way to save money!


  • If you’re a student, see if they take student discounts

This one may not apply to everyone but if you have a student card, use it! Especially if you live near a college campus, most places will offer student discounts. This is an easy way to save money. All you have to do is ask!


  • Get rewards cards to stores you shop at

Most stores offer rewards cards. This is their way to get you to come back to the store. They give you discounts and special pricing just for signing up! Usually they do send you lots of emails so you can create an email specifically for reward cards. (That’s what I do)

Some stores will even give you free stuff! I have a rewards cards with sears, and they do ‘surprise points’. Surprise points is free money they give you to come into the store. Most of these don’t require a purchase either! They usually give me $5-$10 that I can spend on anything. I can go to the clearance area and get a few shirts for free!

Most of the time stores will offer special coupons and discounts if you sign up. It’s usually free. So why not save the extra money!


  • Pay bills on time. Won’t need to pay the late fee

Don’t be late on your bills! That’s another great way to save money! Usually they will charge you a late fee, and sometimes they can be around $40! Try to avoid this as much as possible. $40 is $40.


  • Get your hair/nails done at a beauty school. Ask for more advanced student

If you can avoid it, try painting your own nails. If you must have someone do them for you, go to a local school! They are SO cheap. You are the guinea pig, but you can ask for a more experienced student. I like to try to get a student that is about to graduate, this way they know what they are doing.

The only problem with this is they can mess up. I’ve personally had them mess up on my hair. And it’s AWFUL. So be careful! Another option is you can try to find someone who does hair/nails out of their home. They usually have better pricing because they don’t have to pay for a booth at a salon. You can ask around and see if you can find someone for cheap! The “indoor yard sale” pages on Facebook are a great place to ask!

Lifestyle Changes you could make to Save money:

Not everyone is willing to change their lifestyle to save money, but if you are here are some ideas!

  • Workout at home

You can work out at home and save the cost of paying for a gym membership each month! You can pinterest at home workouts, or you could purchase a cheap program like dailyburn. They will tell you what to do each morning for your workout, making it super easy to workout at home. And it’s cheaper than paying for a gym. The first month is free, so you can test it out. I believe it’s $15 each month after.


  • Carpool more often

If you live near a co-worker, you could car pool! This will save both of you money. If you don’t have a co-worker that lives near, you could try riding the bus.


  1. Buy Groceries and Make food instead of eating out

This is a HUGE one if you want to save money. American’s spend more money eating out than anything else. Buying groceries cost way LESS than eating out everyday. Even if the meal you are purchasing seems cheap, it definitely adds up!

You can plan out the meals you are going to eat for the week. On a day you don’t work or have time you can prepare those in advance. This way it will be fast and easy to cook. When you make a meal plan, you can make a shopping list of everything you need. This will help so you don’t purchase something at the store you wont need.

  1. Shop at thrift stores

If you need something for your house, or want new clothes. Go to the thrift stores! You can usually find decent clothes for a good price!  Also, if you purchase it at a thrift store and it gets damaged one day, it wont be a big deal because it didn’t cost you that much anyways!




Now if you like shopping, shop on This is a place that sells stuff from China. So everything is way cheap! I have purchased items on here before and I’ve received everything I bought. So it’s not a scam.

However; it does take a while to ship to you. Mainly because it’s coming from China! So if you can wait for the item, you can find almost anything on here for thrift store prices.



  • Clean your own car, instead of taking it to a car wash


I am guilty of this one. I have a car wash pass that cost me $20 a month, and I don’t go often enough to make it worth the price. So if you want to save some extra money, wash your own car!

You can get kits at Wal-Mart for $20 and it will come with everything you need to clean the inside and outside of your car! The kit will last you all summer.



  • Save your spare change, take it to the bank and cash it out


If you don’t save your change, you need to start! Devin and I always save our change. Once when we cashed it out we got over $60! It does take some time to save up enough, but it’s a great way to save money and get extra money if you need it!

**Tip** When you cash out your coins don’t go through a coin star, or a machine. They will charge you. If you go to your bank or credit union they will do it for free.


These are just a few ways you’re able to save money each month! For more ideas you can check out: 6 Ways to Save A LOT of Money Each Month.

How do you try to save money each month? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Bailie Butcher


  1. Thanks David! I forget to check for deals sometimes too. Groupon has an app you can download, it helps me remember to check for better deals!

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