10 Workout Tips for Beginners


We all have to start somewhere. It’s hard to go to the gym for the first time because you don’t know what to do! I used to wander around the gym trying to figure out how everything works. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THERE. If you’ve never been to the gym, or don’t go often this is for you!


Plan Your Workouts

This one sounds obvious, but plan your workouts! Know exactly what you’re going to do when you get there. Here are three steps you can follow when planning your workouts. First, you will need to know which muscle group you want to do. Ex: Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders, Chest, Abs, Etc. Second, find a workout plan. You can find lots of them on Pinterest. Most of them will tell you what machines to use, and how to do it. Third, Go WORKOUT!

Learn How to Use the Machines

After creating your workout plan, if there is a workout or machine that you’re not familiar with LOOK IT UP! Know how to use it before you go to the gym. This will save you time when you get to the gym. You’ll already know how to do each exercise.


My friend recently started working out, and she suggested this one! She told me this has helped her. She goes to the gym around 5am each morning, so as you can imagine it can be hard waking up. As a first time gym goer, she suggests that you get some good pre-workout!

If you need some suggestions on pre-workout, you can read Protein and Pre-Workout: What I recommend. This post will tell you my favorite pre-workouts!

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, make sure you get a non-stimulant pre-workout. Some pre-workout is really strong. If you aren’t sure if you’re sensitive or not, you can start with a non-stimulant pre-workout. Also, if you haven’t ever taken pre-workout, you will get the tingles. Sometimes you get a tingling sensation when the pre-workout kicks in and it will feel weird, but that’s normal. It’s caused by an ingredient called Beta Alanine that is in pre-workout.


Getting a protein supplement is also a good idea when you first start working out. Protein will help you grow your muscles after a workout. After you’re done at the gym, you’ll want to drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar. The protein will help your muscles to repair. Some protein can be gross and hard to drink. If you need suggestions on a good protein click here.

Bring Water

I forget to bring water all the time! Make sure you bring water when you go workout. Drink lots of water before, during and after your workout. If you don’t get enough water you can get dehydrated. Be sure to stay hydrated so you can finish your workout!

Eat Carbs

Eating something small that has carbs is a good idea before you workout. You won’t want to go workout on a full stomach, but if you have something light with carbs it will give you enough energy to finish your workout.

If you don’t eat anything before you workout you might feel faint and dizzy. This has happened to me several times. Eating something small before will help with that. I also keep a protein bar in my gym bag just in case. This way if I do forget to eat, I have something small with me.

Familiarize Yourself with the Gym

Getting familiar with the gym can take some time. You won’t remember where everything is the second time you go. Most gyms have a certain set up. For instance, my gym has an area where most of the arm machines are. If I do arms, you can find all the arm machines in that area. Same goes for legs, back, etc. See if your gym has this set up. If it does, it will be easier to find certain machines.

Get a Serious Partner

Some people prefer to workout alone. Some like to workout with someone. If you’re starting out and you aren’t sure how to do certain machines, you can find someone to go with. If you decide to get a gym partner, make sure you get a SERIOUS partner. Someone who won’t bail on you. Feel free to read Picking the Ideal Gym Partner to help you find a good gym partner!

Meal Plan

Eating is huge if you want to lose weight. Before I started a meal plan I weighed 184, by the time I ended I weighed 165 ish! Big difference! Eating healthy is key. If you don’t want to pay a nutritionist to create a meal plan for you, download the My Fitness Pal app. This is a FREE app where you can track all of your calories and everything you eat. I use mine all the time! You can also track your weight, workouts, cardio and water intake.

Don’t Give Up

Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! You aren’t going to see results overnight. I know this is hard, but if you keep going you will get there! I’ve been working out for over a year, and I still have 20 pounds I would like to lose! It takes time, but the results will follow.


I hope this helps you as you start your fitness journey. Comment any questions below! Thanks for reading!

Bailie Butcher


  1. I’ve only found a few Protein shakes that I like! Core Power is my favorite protein, you’ll have to try it sometime, it’s super good! If you need help with anything feel free to reach out to me. I’m more than happy to answer questions and give advice! Good luck with your workouts!

  2. Great tips! I just started my workouts so I’ll use some of those! I totally agree that protein shakes are gross haha

  3. Great tips!! I agree people get discouraged and giving up because they don’t see results. I encourage people to think of it as a lifestyle change rather than focusing on results.

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