Fat Burners to help Promote Weight Loss

Fat Burners to help Promote Weight Loss

Everyone is always looking for a fast fix when it comes to weight loss. They try body wraps, diet pills, drink certain things because they have been told that they will get us skinny quick! Lots of people have tried these ‘get skinny quick’ methods and have been disappointed. I tried all sort of things before I tried a fat burner.


I didn’t know what a fat burner was. When I had my trainer he suggested that I try taking them. The fat burner I take isn’t as strong as most. I can’t have too much caffeine in 1 day because of a heart condition. So I take a more mild fat burner and it has worked for me!


Now, if you have any health problems, or if you haven’t taken a fat burner before I highly suggest you take something more mild and work your way up. Most fat burners have a lot of caffeine. If you aren’t used to having caffeine it can make you “shaky”. The fat burner I take is considered a ‘Mild’ fat burner. It still has 200mg of caffeine. (This is still more than most energy drinks).


I take Evogene Lipocide and it suggests you take 2 pills a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I only take 1 in the morning. If I take 2 I feel awful, I get super shaky and can feel my heart beating faster. Don’t feel like you need to take both pills for the fat burner to work. Only do what you can handle.


How do they work?

Fat burners are supplements you can take in addition to working out and eating healthy. They can help boost your energy, help curb your appetite and promote the use fat for energy. My friend, Lynn, takes these with me. However; she takes them because they give her energy and make her feel good. Helping her burn more calories is just a bonus.


I like taking them because I feel like it helps me lose weight quicker. When I was taking the Evogen Lipocide and was on a meal plan and working out consistently, I swear the weight just fell off. I lost about 20lbs in 6 weeks.


Most fat burners have caffeine in them, making your heart beat faster and helping you to burn more calories. Your body is constantly burning calories from you walking and moving around. This just helps you burn those calories faster, promoting weight loss. The more calories you burn = the more weight you lose.


Are they Safe?

They are safe if used correctly, with no conflicting health conditions, but you should always consult your physician before trying any new medications. Be honest with yourself and how your body reacts. If you don’t feel good, get dizzy, etc… don’t take them. Either take a lower dosage, try a different brand, or try a non-stimulant (one without caffeine).


For instance, as I mentioned before, I have heart issues. I did what the package said: Take 1 pill for 2 weeks, then take 2 a day after. When I started taking 2 a day, I was constantly sweating, and I was shaking super bad. It was obvious my heart/body didn’t like me taking more than 1. I was taking 400mg+ of caffeine A DAY! That’s a LOT of caffeine.


They also offer non-stimulant options, these are fat burners that don’t have caffeine in them. Evogen also has a non-stimulant fat burner that is a mix that I’m going to try. Since I can’t take more than 1 caffeinated fat burner, I’m going to try taking 1 pill with caffeine, and 1 scoop of the non-stimulant fat burner mix and see how my body reacts.


Overall, I think they are safe if you feel okay taking them. If you don’t feel good when taking them, you probably shouldn’t. Find something else that works for you.


I hope this helped you as you look into fat burners! Be careful and don’t burn yourself out! Comment below if you have questions! Have a great day everyone!


Thanks for reading,


Bailie Butcher.



  1. Yeah I agree. You need to have a healthy diet and exercise, I like these because I do feel like they give me an extra boost!

  2. Interesting information. I haven’t tried these, would definitely prefer the non-stimulant fat burner and thank you for sharing that it is an option!

  3. This is different and interesting is fat burners healthy. I would need to do a little research and see what the side effects of taking fat burners are. But overall this was a great article.

  4. I usually advocate a healthy diet and exercise but it’s interesting to see these fat burners giving people a boost on their journey.

  5. This for sure is an interesting option for weight loss. It’s not one that I’ve tried and to be honest, sounds a tad scary. But I’d be open if I needed it.

  6. I’ve never tried Fat Burners but now that I know more about them, I am interested. Thank you for sharing such detailed info!

  7. Thank you Bailie! I am currently eating good and working out but the stubborn belly fat after 5 pregnancies (one twins) just doesn’t come off. Ordering these now, what do I have to lose?

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