8 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods

8 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods

Hey Everyone! I thought I would share with you some healthier alternatives to foods we eat every day! I wish I knew more about these before starting my fitness journey. So let me know what you think!


This is pretty awesome stuff. Some people, like me, retain water like CRAZY! This stuff still gives you the taste of salt, but it doesn’t have sodium in it! I got mine at good earth, you should be able to get it at a whole foods store or you can get it here. 🙂

2. Waldon Farms Syrup

To my pancake lovers!! This syrup was the greatest invention! I would die without this stuff. It seriously tastes just like syrup, but with NO CALORIES, NO SUGAR, and NO FATS! I’ve seen it in blueberry, strawberry and regular maple syrup flavor (Blueberry is my favorite so far).  It is a little more than I like to spend on syrup, but it’s totally worth it. You can get it at smiths. Or you can order it, amazon has more flavors!


3. Protein pancakes

Kodiak protein pancakes! My favorite breakfast food! These pancakes are protein packed with 14 grams of protein per half cup serving. My favorite part is that syrup doesn’t soak into the pancakes. Then it doesn’t feel like you need to keep adding more syrup. These are the best with the Waldon farms no calorie syrup. I like to add bananas and strawberries on top. Yummmm… 😀


4. 80 Calorie Yogurt

Light & fit is a good choice for yogurt if you’re trying to eat healthier and want to lose weight. They are 80 calories each, and they are pretty good. So if you’re a yogurt lover, but don’t love calories, try the light and fit greek yogurt. They even come in some awesome flavors. My favorite is the strawberry cheesecake, YUM!


5. Red Potatoes

Red potatoes have less starches than normal (russet) potatoes. They also have more fiber and fewer calories than normal potatoes. You can eat these instead as a healthier alternative.


6. Spray Butter

Spray butter is good when you want to add butter, but don’t want to the extra calories. Like Toast, you would just get the spray butter and spray it on! Then you still get the buttery taste, but without all the fat. This brand is 0 calories per 5 sprays!!


7. Almond Milk

I prefer almond milk over normal(cows) milk. I think it is much sweeter. This is especially good if you can’t drink your protein shake with water, you can mix it with almond milk to sweeten it. Almond milk has a variety of different flavors, each with different  amounts of calories. I’ve purchased some that are as little as 30 calories, while I’ve seen some up to 80 calories. The only thing I personally don’t like using this for is baking. However; I do know lots of people who use this when the recipe calls for regular milk. Feel free to try it out yourself!


8. Mrs Dash

For my meal plan, I had to eat chicken every night. I hate eating plain chicken, but I also can’t add salt because I retain water. Mrs dash is a seasoning that is sodium free. So if you’re like me and like to hold onto water, this is a good way to be able to season your foods without the sodium.

I hope this helps you get closer to reaching your fitness goals! Comment below with suggestions for upcoming posts!


Thanks for reading!


Bailie Butcher.


  1. This post is gonna help a lot of people, I am gonna share this everyone who’s interested in cutting down calories. Very useful post.

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