Most people want to lose weight, 49% of America to be exact. This is a HUGE number! What if I told you something as simple as drinking water could help you lose more weight?! Pretty easy, right? Well it’s true! Drinking water has a LOT of benefits when trying to lose weight.

How much water you need to be drinking daily will depend on your weight and how active you are. If  you need to find out how much water you need to drink, click here. has an awesome calculator that will figure it out for you! All you need to do is enter in your weight!

Now, let’s get to the part you really want to know about! How exactly does drinking water each day help me lose weight? Let me tell you!

1. Water is Calorie Free 

This one may be a bit obvious, but it’s a good point! It IS calorie free! Drinking water instead of soda or sweetened drinks can help you lose weight because it doesn’t have calories! Soda or sweetened drinks have what we call, “empty calories” meaning it has calories with no nutrients. Why drink empty calories when they aren’t helping you in any way?

2.  Suppresses Appetite 

Online you may see that you should drink a glass of water before each meal. Ever wonder why? It’s because water can suppress your appetite, meaning you won’t be as hungry, you’ll eat less. If you feel full, and don’t eat as much as normal this will lead to losing more weight.

3.  Increases Metabolism

Drinking your daily intake of water each day can also increase your metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process that happens in the human body. Your metabolism can be low, high, or in the middle. When you have a low metabolism, it’s harder for your body to transfer energy, causing you to gain a few pounds. A high metabolism makes it easier for you to lose weight. If doing something as simple as drinking water each day will help you lose more weight, why not try it!?

4. Dehydration

If you don’t drink enough water each day, your body will get dehydrated. Getting dehydrated can make you weigh more. This happens to me quite often. When I don’t drink enough water each day, I actually weigh 3-4lbs more than normal! If you’re dehydrated your body can’t flush out the toxins it normally does. When it can’t flush them out, they stay. Causing you to weigh more. When you drink water your body will flush out these toxins and you won’t have this extra weight!

You can also try:

  1. Cutting Salt Intake

When you eat foods or drink things with lots of salt in them, it can cause you to get more dehydrated. Salt takes the moisture out things, including your body! Lowering your salt intake will help you stay hydrated! Like I said before, if you’re hydrated your body is able to flush out all the unnecessary toxins, making you lose weight quicker!

There is this awesome alternative to salt you can try. It’s called Nu-salt. It’s made of potassium, but it tastes just like salt! You can feel guilt free as you put this on your meals! It won’t make you dehydrated, which again can help you lose more weight. Pretty neat!


Drinking water has lots of benefits when trying to lose weight. It’s super easy to do and it’s good for your health! It can help you stay hydrated, increase metabolism, suppresses appetite and it’s calorie free! Why not give it a shot!

Don’t believe me? Weigh yourself in the morning. Then drink the amount of water that is recommenced for your weight. Weight yourself again the morning after and see the weight difference! I do this all the time. Comment below and let me know how big of a difference it made!

Thanks for reading,

Bailie Butcher