4 Benefits of Booking Shore Excursions with the Cruise

When I first booked my cruise I didn’t want to purchase shore excursions with the cruise. Mainly because I thought it would be cheaper to purchase it with the business itself instead of the 3rd party. However, I finally caved and we purchased 2 excursions with the cruise because it was convenient and they had all transportation set up for us. Once I actually got on the ship I learned there are a lot more benefits than I thought. This is why I now, would highly recommend purchasing excursions with the cruise.


  1. Transportation

    All transportation is taken care of. Some excursions require you to drive to get there, they will have transportation set up for you. If it’s a long enough drive they will provide lunch. It was nice not needing to worry about how we were going to get there. Cabs were still expensive, even in Mexico.

  2. They are the cheapest

    If you find the excursions somewhere else and it’s cheaper Carnival will give you 110% of your money back. YOU WILL EARN MONEY if you find it cheaper! This made me feel like I was getting a good deal, plus we did try to find it cheaper and we didn’t.

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    Doctor Visit Included

    To see a doctor on the ship it cost about $150 a visit. HOWEVER, if you got hurt on a shore excursion they don’t charge you ANYTHING! My friend got stung by a jellyfish while we were snorkeling and saw the doctor at no cost. They also gave her medicine to help keep the soreness and swelling down. This saved her lots of money! If we did this excursion on our own she would have needed to pay the $150 to see the doctor.


    If you purchase excursions outside of the ship and something happens and you don’t make it back in time, they will leave you. If you purchase it with the cruise they won’t leave you behind if something happens. For example, if you’re snorkeling and the boat you’re on breaks down and you can’t get back in time, they aren’t going to leave you. They will wait until you get back before leaving the port.

At first I wanted to purchase shore excursions outside of the cruise, but now that I know this I recommend purchasing excursions through the cruise! If you find it cheaper they will give you 110% of your money back, if anything happens or you get hurt on the excursion you don’t have to pay a big fee to see a doctor and they won’t leave you behind! Everything is taken care of for you including any transportation.

I hope this information helps as you’re planning your next cruise adventure! Let me know if these tips were helpful or not in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Bailie Butcher


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