Lava Hot Springs | Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

The Lava Hot Springs is located on the east side of Idaho. It’s a natural hot springs that is opened year round. It’s pretty cheap to get in, around $6-$10 a person depending on the day you go, and they have a really cool downtown.

I currently went to Lava Hot Springs on a day trip. For me it was only a 2.5 hour drive. However if you can, I think this would be a great place to spend the night! I love walking on main street and seeing all of the fun shops.


At the Lava Hot Springs they have 5 different hot pools you can get in. Each of them are different temperatures. They range from 102 – 112 degrees. The best thing about this place is it doesn’t have sulfur, they don’t have chemicals in the waters, so you can swim without smelling like sulfur and feeling like your skin is dehydrated.

Some of the pools have some sort of roof. Even if it’s raining/snowing you can still go enjoy the hot pools!

Get a massage while in the Hot Springs

You are also able to get a massage while you’re here! Lava Hot Springs doesn’t offer massages, however you can pay a massage therapist to come and give you a massage while you’re in the pools! I wish I had the opportunity to do this, this would be super relaxing!

Olympic Swimming Pool and Water Park

Lava hot springs also has an Olympic pool and water park! In the summer if you don’t want to sit in the heat of the Hot Springs, you can come here to cool off! They aren’t opened year round like the hot springs, they are open May 26th – September 4th. This water park has heated pools, and a diving platform! They also have surrounding areas where you can have picnics, or lay out and sun bathe.

You are also welcome to bring Umbrellas and lawn chairs with you.

Tubing the River

You can ride down the river in Lava hot springs. This is a hot spot during the summer because the water is nice and cool. They have a few places you can rent tubes from, or you can bring your own and ride for free! It’s pretty cheap since all you’re paying for is the tube! This is a must if you go during the summer!


They are located in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. The address is 430 E. Main St. The Olympic Swimming pool and water park is located at 195 N. Center. They are located 4 blocks away from each other and are walking distance!

Main Street Dining

Ice Cream Parlor & Deli – If you have a sweet tooth you can stop here! They have Ice cream, fudge, you know; all the good stuff.

They have quite a few diners on main street, I obviously haven’t been to all of them! Here a few top restaurants that have good reviews on Tripadvisor!

  1. Greyston Manor
  2. Portneuf Grille & Lounge
  3. Royal hotel and Pizza Parlor
  4. Chuckwagon Cafe (This is a cafe I went to! It was pretty cheap and wasn’t bad. However it was crazy business because it’s so popular!)
  5. Riverwalk Thai Restaurant

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