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When is the best time to book flights? I don’t think anyone knows for sure when flights are the cheapest. Some people say 6 weeks before or on Tuesdays around 3pm. Well, I’ve tried both of these methods, and I didn’t find that I was saving money. I usually just wait until it gets to a reasonable price then I buy.

A few weeks ago we flew to IAH (Hoston, Texas) for a cruise we took. When I purchased the tickets it was March 30th. We were leaving on May 5th. So this was 5 weeks before we left for our trip. It was actually cheaper 5 weeks before, than it was 6 weeks before out trip. We ended up paying around $207 for our tickets round trip. However Frontier doesn’t include carry-on’s like most airlines, so it ended up costing about $220 each for 2 checked bags ( 2 people to each checked bag, we had 4 people total). Our end total for all 4 of us was $878.40.

Devin and I have been thinking about going to Texas again for an event. However this event was 1 day out. We looked at plane tickets and it was actually CHEAPER to go same day, or day before! I don’t know if this is the case with all frontier flights, but I thought I’d share. This is the exact flight we took! For almost $50 cheaper a person! Here is the pricing –

As you can see, it’s about $160 a person round trip! This is awesome pricing if you are planning on buying a ticket the same day, or the day before!

Now, I like I said earlier, they say if you book your flight 6 weeks before you leave, this is when the flights are the cheapest. I booked this same flight, 6 weeks out and this is the pricing I got…

As you can see, this is for 2 people! This is crazy! Frontier is usually one of the cheapest airlines, so I can’t imagine what other airlines would want for this flight!


How to Find Cheaper Flights with Frontier 

Now I must admit, frontier isn’t the most comfortable airline to ride with. The seats seem closer together, and they don’t have all the cool features (Wifi, Free Movies, Free snacks and drinks, etc) but they are usually the cheapest (Most of the time). So if you are going somewhere that isn’t too far, this airline wouldn’t be bad. If you are planning on a longer flight (3 to 4 hours) I would maybe upgrade my seat so you have more room, it can get pretty uncomfortable.

Back to what you want to know, how to get cheaper flights with frontier! So if go to their main website, they have a page called ‘Ways to Save’, click on ‘Online Deals‘. Once you are on this page, on the left side of the page you can enter in the airport you are flying from.

**If nothing shows up, they currently aren’t offering any deals for that airport**

I notice sometimes my airport doesn’t show up, I usually check every few days and it will come back online with deals. So if your airline isn’t showing up, give it a couple of days and check again.

Once you have entered your airport in, on the right side of the page it will have all the places you can fly for cheap from that airport!

For this example I used Austin, Texas. As you can tell, you can fly to Atlanta, Georgia for $79 one way! Or you could fly to Orlando, Las Vegas, San Diego, Or Philadelphia!

The only downfall with using their ways to save if you don’t always get to pick the destination. If you have somewhere specific, this may not be the option for you. If you don’t mind where you’ll next vacation is, you can pick the cheapest deal they have and go from there!

This is just one of many ways I have personally saved money-getting flights. Stay in touch for more ways to save!


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