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How to get a good deal on Flights:

There are several ways to find cheap flights when you want to travel. I refuse to pay tons of money for flights, if i’m not getting a good deal, I’m not going. Here are just a few things I do to save on traveling! (If you would like to find cheap hotels, or rental cars,  you can scroll down to find it)

  • One of the easiest and best way to find deals on flights is with google flights. I say this because they don’t make any money off helping you find good deals. You don’t purchase the flight with google. They tell you how to get to your destination the cheapest, you go to the AIRLINES website and book you flight.

Pro Tip **When booking flights go to the AIRLINES website to book it! Don’t go through 3rd parties, (Getawaytoday, Kayak, etc) they have to make money too. So they add to the cost so they can cut a profit too. Going through the airline will be the cheapest place to book. **

  • Another way you can save money on flights is through the airlines online deals. Frontier for instance has Online deals. You enter the airport you are flying from, and it will tell you where you can fly for cheap.
  • You can subscribe to the Airlines newsletter. My aunt does this and they always send her amazing deals on flights! This is a great way to get informed of discounts, if you don’t mind getting all their emails. You could even set up a new email just for flights. This way when you’re ready to book, you can check your email and see what deals are going on.
  • Lastly, you could get a travel Credit card. Now, this one may not be for everyone. Usually you will need excellent credit in order to get approved for a travel Credit card. The travel card I recommend is called the Chase Sapphire card. Why do I like this card over the others?
    • When you sign up and spend $4,000 you get $625 in travel credit.
    • No annual fee the first year, only $95 after that. (Most Travel cards charge around $150 a year)
    • No foreign Transaction fees (Awesome if you leave the country, this could save you hundreds in fees.)
    • Auto Rental collision damage (Sometimes travel credit cards will have better rental car insurance than your insurance company!
    • Trip Cancellation insurance – This one is my favorite. If for some reason you aren’t able to go on your trip they will reimburse you up to $10,000! (They will cover anything that isn’t refundable)
    • Trip Delay Insurance
    • Baggage Delay Insurance
    • Zero Liability Protection
    • Extended Warranty protection – They will add an extra year over overage on warranties of 3 years or less
    • Price protection – If you purchase something and if you find it cheaper within 90 days, they will refund you the difference!

Now you can see why I love this card over the others I’ve looked into. This one has way  better cash back and way more benefits with a lower annual fee! If you have good credit, this is a good card for you!

Pro Tip ** If you aren’t sure if you will get approved, you can get Credit Karma. They will tell you your credit score and tell you how likely you are to get approved for certain credit cards. Credit Karma doesn’t effect your credit score. **

Other ways to save..

You could also try a smaller airline. They usually have better deals to get your business. For instance, Alligant Airlines is usually really cheap. They only fly to certain places, but if you want a cheap weekend trip, you could get a good deal with them.

You could also try the following airlines:

Flying within the United States:

Flying to South America:

Flying to Europe:

Flying to Africa:

Flying to Asian and South Pacific:

These are some of the smaller airlines that offer great deals to fly with them! If you’re planning a trip, don’t forget to check their pricing as well!

Finding Cheap Hotels:

Okay, I’ll admit I’m kinda bias when it comes to booking hotels. Why? Because I feel like I’ve found the best/cheapest company to go through. I love (No, I’m not getting paid to say this, I really like them) this is why I like them:

  • They have a rewards program! If you book 10 hotels with them they give you 1 night free. To determine the price of the hotel you get for free, they get the average price of the 10 hotels you booked. This is nice so they aren’t making you stay in some cheap hotel. Its a hotel in the price range you are used to.
  • You can redeem your free nights anytime, they don’t have any black out dates
  • They have ‘secret pricing‘ for members, you can get a better deal on hotels!
  • It’s free to sign up.
  • They Price match – If you find the same room at the same hotel for cheaper they will honor that price! How awesome is that?! Plus it will go towards a free stay!

They have Awesome Customer Service:

Another reason I love them is because they usually let you cancel up until the day before you check in. This is nice in case you need to cancel you trip. They have awesome customer service, when I was in Texas, I pulled up to my hotel and it was super ghetto and creepy. I honestly didn’t want to stay there. I called them and they said since it was the day of, I wouldn’t be able to cancel it. She said even if I cancelled it, I would still have to pay for the night. We hung up.

A few minutes later the same customer service representative called me back, saying she spoke with her manager and she is refunding me my money and was able to cancel my reservation. This was awesome! It made my trip so much better! This is just one reason I will always use them.

Other options:

  • If there is an event going on when you’re in the in town, hotels can be expensive! Sometimes it is cheaper to use something like Airbnb. This is a website where people with an extra room or vacation home will let you rent it out! Sometimes you can get an entire house for the same price as a hotel room! You can check out this website here!

Rental Cars:

This one can be the hardest! You can spend so much money on rental cars. Devin and I went to Florida on vacation a few years back and spent more on our rental car, than our hotel! Why? Because we are under 25. Well, I’ve found a great website anyone with a drivers license can use, and it can be way cheaper than a rental car company!

The website is called, this is a website where people with an extra car will let you rent it for pretty cheap. They usually can drop the car off at the airport for you. When you get off your flight, you find the car and take off! Super easy! They will have insurance on the car for you, but remember, if you have the travel credit card it will coverage on the car as well and sometimes you car insurance will honor rental cars as well.

Pro Tip **If you’re under 25, this is most likely the best option. Car rental places will charge you TONS of fees just because you’re under 25. If you’re over 25, you might be able to get a better deal with a car rental company. You will need to look around and see what would be cheaper.


I hope this information helps you as you plan your next trip! If you have questions please comment below! I’m happy to help!

Thanks for reading,

Bailie Butcher




  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been wasting hundreds of dollars on flights out of town. You are a lifesaver !

  2. First, I had no idea buying flights through the airline was cheaper than places like Kayak. Second, thank you so much for sharing about Turo! We usually rent through Costco, but it’s still SO expensive.

  3. All of these tips are so good! As someone who travels often I definitely agree with all of these methods when trying to save money. Great post, many people would find this helpful.

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