Jump Ropes | Jump Ropes for Weight Loss

Jump Roping for Weight Loss


Jump ropes are probably the most basic piece of equipment you can use to improve cardiovascular endurance. They say people have been using jump ropes since around 1600 A.D.! That’s a LONG time! Jump Ropes have lots of benefits, here are just a few!

Burn Calories Quick!

Jump roping for a few minutes can burn lots of calories! This is a great way to get some quick cardio in. According to buyjumpropes.net you can burn 480 Calories in half an hour! If you jump the rope for 10 minutes, 3 times. If you do the stair master for 1 hour, you will burn about 450-500 calories. So as you can tell, if you want to burn quick calories, jump roping is the way to go!


Jump ropes are super affordable. They can go from $1-$20 on average. This depends on what kind of jump rope you get. You can get a plastic Jump Rope for super cheap, but it may not last as long. If you get one that’s better quality it can last forever.


Another great thing about jump ropes is their PORTABLE! What?! You can take this anywhere with you. If you’re going on vacation, going camping or even want to get a quick workout in on your break at work. It’s super easy to put in your bag and it doesn’t take up much space! Great way to get a quick cardio session in.

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Whole family can use it

Jump ropes can be used at (almost) any age! You can purchase one jump rope and the kids can use it too. It’s a fun and cheap way to get some exercise in for the whole family!

Good for your Cardiovascular Health

Being active consistently can improve your heart health in many ways! For instance, it can help to prevent heart disease. Jump roping is a quick and easy way to prevent future problems, and lose some weight, which is also goof for your heart!

Improves Coordination

This one may be more obvious, but it can help with your coordination! Using your hands to move the jump ropes and using your legs in a variety of patterns while jumping is a great way to improve your overall coordination.

Full Body workout

Jump roping gives you a full body workout! You need to use all parts of your body to keep going!

It’s FUN!

Jump roping is fun! Especially for kids! They have lots of games you can play while jump roping to make it more fun and easier to jump rope for longer! Overall, burning more calories and improving your cardiovascular health and coordination! What do you have to lose?!
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