How to Stay Fit in College | The Freshman 15

In high school, you eat whatever you want and not gain a pound because your metabolism is so high. You finally graduate high school, and head off to college. Continuing to eat the same way you did in high school, but this time is different. You decide to get on the scale and you weigh 15 pounds more. You have officially gained the Freshman 15. Now, let me give you some simple tips on how you can either avoid or get rid of the weight you gained!

Go to the Gym

Yes, you need to start working out! Especially in college. You need to start burning off those extra calories. Some University’s have a gym in them. When I was a full-time student I got a free gym membership with the school. This will also save you some money.

Start off slow

Don’t go to the gym and plan on running 5 miles the first day! You will never want to go back. Ease yourself into it. Start by doing simple things like bodyweight exercises, brisk walking/jogging. Don’t burn yourself out the very first day!

Don’t eat out.. seriously.

I know college is great, you walk down the hallway and they usually have a million different places to eat. Try your hardest to not eat out. If you do, try to find something healthier. Go for a salad, or something not cooked in a friar. Usually the school cafeteria has better options.

Keep track of your calories

If you can, get Myfitnesspal and track your calories. This is a great way to make sure you aren’t over eating and you’re eating healthier foods. At first it’s hard to remember to track each meal, however you can have it remind you during breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also add your friends and keep each other accountable.

Make your meals ahead

If you can, try to make your meals ahead. If you know you won’t have time to cook something, make it before hand and bring it with you. This will save you time, money and potential weight gain.

Don’t drink… to often

Drinking Alcohol is probably where most college students gain weight. Alcohol is empty calories, meaning they don’t give you any nutrients¬†or vitamins. Drinking to often can be an easy way to gain weight. Drink in moderation if you want to keep the weight off. You don’t want to end up with a beer belly.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights can help boost your metabolism. A high metabolism means you will burn calories faster, and lose weight quicker. Now, if you’re a girl and lift weights, don’t let them tell you that you’ll be huge and bulky because you won’t be. You will look fit and tone. Lifting weights is a huge stress reliever, which college students usually need.

Drink Water

With all the stress of homework and finals, don’t forget to drink your water! Staying hydrated is super important! If you’re dehydrated you will weigh¬†more and it will be harder to focus on your studies. Try to keep a water bottle with you, if you see the water you’re more likely to drink it.

I hope these tips help! Let me know what things you do to keep the weight off! Comment below!

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