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20 Healthy Meals Under 350 Calories

Losing weight can be difficult, why? Because eating is 90% of losing weight. Going to the gym can be easy, but changing your eating habits can be the hardest part. I have put together a list of healthy meals that are under 350 calories you can eat for dinners! [Read More]







Benefits of Booking your Shore Excursions with Your Cruise

When I first booked my cruise I didn’t want to purchase shore excursions with the cruise. Mainly because I thought it would be cheaper to purchase it with the business itself instead of the 3rd party. However, I finally caved and we purchased 2 excursions with the cruise because it was convenient and they had all transportation set up for us. Once I actually got on the ship I learned there are a lot more benefits than I thought. This is why I now would highly recommend purchasing excursions with the cruise. [Read More]





 How to lose weight by Drinking Water

Most people want to lose weight, 49% of America to be exact. This is a HUGE number! What if I told you something as simple as drinking water could help you lose more weight?! Pretty easy, right? Well it’s true! Drinking water has a LOT of benefits when trying to lose weight.

How much water you need to be drinking daily will depend on your weight and how active you are. If  you need to find out how much water you need to drink, click here. Bodybuilding.com has an awesome calculator that will figure it out for you! All you need to do is enter in your weight! [Read More]





Zero Calorie Snacks

‎Eating foods that are low in calories can help with several things. According to Happy Juicer, these things can include:

  •  -Slowing down the aging process
  • – Helps you learn to eat healthier
  • – Improves mental acuity
  • – Can increase life span
  • – Increase energy levels
  • – Lower Cholesterol Levels
  • – Improves sleep
  • – Decreases risk of getting type 2 diabetes



How to Lose Weight Without Working Out

Working out can be difficult when you have a busy life. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still lose weight without working out!? Well I have a few suggestions for you!

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever workout. Working out is good for your heart, lungs, and overall health. [Read More]






The Benefits Of Juicing


My dad has always been big into juicing. He would always say that if I did it, I would feel awful the first few days, but then your body gets use to it and you’ll feel fine. I decided to try it. [Read More]







10 Running Tips | The Beginners Guide

I always wanted to be a runner. To go on ‘Morning runs’ like everyone else. Well, last year  I ran my first 6 mile run without stopping!

You’re obviously reading this because you’re interested in running more or starting to run. Running for cardio, running for weight loss; which ever it is, I’ve got some tips for you! [Read More]




Fat Burners to help Promote Weight Loss

Everyone is always looking for a fast fix when it comes to weight loss. They try body wraps, diet pills, drink certain things because they have been told that they will get us skinny quick!

Lots of people have tried these ‘get skinny quick’ methods and have been disappointed. I tried all sort of things before I tried a fat burner. [Read More]



10 Workout Tips for Beginners

We all have to start somewhere. It’s hard to go to the gym for the first time because you don’t know what to do! I used to wander around the gym trying to figure out how everything works. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THERE. If you’ve never been to the gym, or don’t go often this is for you! [Read More]




Polar Watch

There are all sorts of fitness watches out there, each of them doing different things. I personally decided on purchasing the Polar Watch. My fitness goal is to lose weight, so I need to track my heart rate.

I wanted something I could use with all sports like swimming. So I wanted it waterproof. Here are some of the reasons I like it!  [Read More]




How I keep Myself Motivated to Achieve my Fitness Goals


Staying Motivated is hard. It’s hard to wake up in the morning and workout. Here are some easy things I do to keep myself motivated each day so I can reach my fitness goals. [Read More]



Picking the Ideal Gym Partner

Hey Guys! I just wanted to give you some tips on finding the best gym partner!

I’ve had good and bad gym partners, and I want to share with you what I’ve learned from these experiences! I hope this helps you!  [Read More]




Rewarding Yourself When Achieving Fitness Goals

When you’re starting a workout plan most people, including myself, create a reward system. When you hit certain fitness goals you reward yourself with things of your choosing.

Rewarding yourself when you reach your fitness goals is a good way to stay motivated. Here are some tips!  [Read More]



 Protein and Pre-Workout: What I recommend

As some of you know, I’ve been working out consistently for the past year. In this time I have tried lots of different Proteins and Pre-Workouts.

I thought I would share with you my favorites and what I did and didn’t like about the others! [Read More]



What to Take to the Gym: Gym Bag Essentials

As I start this blog about my fitness journey, I’m going to try to break it down to the basics. For example, what to take to the gym!

This is what I personally take to the gym everyday. You might need/want to take more or less than I do. It’s all up to you! But here are some ideas on what to take if you are a first time gym goer! [Read More]



 5 Things I Wish I Knew On My Weight Loss Journey

When I decided I needed to stay losing weight, I thought I knew everything. I thought all I needed to do was do tons of cardio, and eat healthier.

However, on my weight loss journey I learned some new things I wanted to share with you! Things I wish I knew when I first started working out! [Read More]



8 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods


Hey Everyone! I thought I would share with you some healthier alternatives to foods we eat every day! I wish I knew more about these before starting my fitness journey. So let me know what you think! [Read More]


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