Tranont: Why I Joined and Why you should

All over social media, people are talking about how they wish they would have been taught life skills in high school. Most people are clueless on how to do the following:

  • Legal Help
  • Taxes
  • Budgeting Money
  • How to Protect their Identities
  • Build their Credit
  • Fix their Credit
  • Retirement

They don’t teach you these skills in high school! You have to learn them on your own. You either need to research the subject yourself, or if you’re lucky enough to know someone in that field you can try to get them to help. [Read More]


How to save Money when you go Camping

Summer is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go camping but, being out in nature shouldn’t cost you a ton of money! I have a few tips you can try to help you save $$. [Read More]









Summer bucket list | The Ultimate Guide 

Summer is the best time of the year! When it’s sunny and you can go do things you can’t do year round! I decided to make a summer bucket list! A list of things myself, and everyone should be doing every summer! Let me know what you think! [Read More]





The Perfect Gifts for Gym Rats | What to get them

Trying to find a gift for someone who is a gym rat? It can be hard, especially if you don’t know what things they might need! Things like Shaker bottles, Socks, Clothes, etc, you can never have enough. Don’t feel bad if they already have it. Trust me, they probably need more! [Read More]






9 ways to Save Money at National Parks

We always see things that tell us to visit national parks, to go visit the beauty. Well no one ever tells you how to SAVE MONEY WHILE YOU’RE THERE! Here are 9 things you can do before visiting that could save you lots of money! [Read More]






How to SAVE Money on Things You’re Already Paying For

Everyone wants to save money, but most of us don’t know where to start! There are smarter ways to save money. For instance, why not save money on things you’re already paying for? Or save money on bills that you’ll always have like electric?

These are some things I do to help save money each month! [Read More]



Current Weight and Goals:

I feel like I have been working on trying to lose weight FOREVER! It has only been 4 months since I got serious and started my weight loss journey! [Read More]