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Jump Ropes for Weight Loss

Jump ropes are probably the most basic piece of equipment you can use to improve cardiovascular endurance. They say people have been using jump ropes since around 1600 A.D.! That’s a LONG time! Jump Ropes have lots of benefits, here are just a few! [Read More]






How to Stay Fit in College | The Freshman 15

In high school, you eat whatever you want and not gain a pound because your metabolism is so high. You finally graduate high school, and head off to college. You continue to eat the same way you did in high school, but this time is different. You get on the scale and you weigh 15 pounds more. You have just gained the Freshman 15. Now, let me give you some simple tips on how you can either avoid or get rid of the weight you gained! [Read More]

8 Alternatives to Everyday foods!

Eating healthier can help promote weight loss! However, eating healthy can be difficult. Here are some SIMPLE changes you can make to help!

Here are some great alternatives to foods we eat EVERYDAY!  You can check it out here!




Fat Burners to Help Promote Weight Loss 

Having a hard time losing weight? Not losing it as quick as you would like? Try Fat Burners!

They have help promote weight loss and even give you more energy! Want to learn more? Check it out here!



 5 Things I wish I knew on my Weight Loss Journey 

When I decided I needed to stay losing weight, I thought I knew everything. I thought all I needed to do was do tons of cardio, and eat healthier.

However, on my weight loss journey I learned some new things I wanted to share with you! Things I wish I knew when I first started working out! [Read More]



 My Juicing Experience | The benefits of Juicing  

Juicing is a great when you want to reduce the calories you intake without losing the nutrients, it can help with reducing cravings of processed foods and it can also promote healthy eating habits.

Juicing is a great way to kick out your weight loss journey! [Read More]





 10 Running Tips | The Beginners Guide

I always wanted to be a runner. To go on ‘Morning runs’ like everyone else. Well, last year  I ran my first 6 mile run without stopping!

You’re obviously reading this because you’re interested in running more or starting to run. Running for cardio, running for weight loss; which ever it is, I’ve got some tips for you! [Read More]



10 Workout Tips for Beginners

We all have to start somewhere. It’s hard to go to the gym for the first time because you don’t know what to do! I used to wander around the gym trying to figure out how everything works. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THERE. If you’ve never been to the gym, or don’t go often this is for you! [Read More]





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